The latest stable version of Coranto is: 1.24.

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Stable release

Coranto 1.24
was released on the 24th of July 2004 and is our latest stable release.

Bleeding Edge

Coranto 1.31.5
released in April 2006, is the latest Coranto beta release. Use at your own risk!

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Welcome to Coranto!

2005-01-19 15:10 GMT by Parahead, SrNupsen

Coranto is a highly flexible Content Management System (CMS). Whether you run a small blog or a fully scaled newspaper with millions of hits every day you can rely on Coranto's fully browser-based environment to update your site.

Coranto just needs Perl and Server Side Includes (SSI) to function so it can virtually run on any webserver and leaves a very small footprint which makes the script suitable for a hosting environment.

You can easily expand Coranto┬┤s core functionality by the use of addons and up to date there exists over 100 different addons, giving you a WYSIWYG editor, forum integration, search functions and MySQL support just to mention a few.

Although Coranto is not licensed as Open Source it is developed in an Open Source spirit and is completely free of licensing costs. To learn more about why that is so, read the HISTORY section.

To learn more about Coranto, take a look at the About link available in the HOME section. To participate in the Coranto project, check out the COMMUNITY section. To download Coranto, use the links on the right side of this page or check out the DOWNLOAD section.



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